Aluminium windows offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Our aluminium windows are a premium product; we offer 3 ranges that are maintenance free and built to last, with the life span of aluminium being measured in decades rather than years.

  • Alitherm 600 - Suitable for side-hung, top hung, and fixed casement windows. This versatile range of profiles can provide many solutions for residential and light commercial applications.
  • Alitherm 800 - Optimum thermal performance, suitable for side hung, top hung and fixed residential casement windows. Again, can provide many solutions for residential and light commercial applications.
  • Alitherm Heritage - Provides the ideal solution for heritage applications such as listed building renovations and large scale replica-refurbishment projects where planning constraints are to be considered. The window is designed to be built as a series of horizontal modules which can be stacked using horizontal couplers to form a multi-part window featuring a specially designed drip bar between modules.


Product Features

  • Enhanced system designed to comply with the revisions to Building Regulations
  • Easy to maintain While also being durable, aluminium windows have the added advantage of being easy to maintain. Different finishes may require more care than others, but overall a quick clean of the glass and frame every 2-4 months will help remove dirt and keep the windows looking shiny.
  • Suitability for many designs Due to how aluminium is manufactured, these windows can easily meet your exact design specifications while maintaining the inherent strength of the material. Furthermore, there is a large variety of customisations, from glazing options to finishes in a wide range of colours.
  • Eco-friendly Aluminium is also a fully sustainable product. It’s 100% recyclable and non-toxic, leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Recycling aluminium itself requires just five percent of the initial energy consumed to create it.


  • Security


  • Weatherproofing


  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency