Spitfire Doors


A Spitfire aluminium door is the perfect fusion of security, substance, and style. Each door and frame is meticulously engineered by combining substantial aluminium sections with hi-tech options like automatic locking and fingerprint access control. Offering the most comprehensive range of luxury aluminium entrance doors in Europe Spitfire manufactures three models of Entrance doors – Spitfire S-200, Spitfire S-500 & Spitfire S-700 Pivot.

“The Spitfire aluminium door is the perfect combination of contemporary design, cutting edge security and opulent luxury."

Product Features

  • Spitfire S-200 With over 60 different S-200 door styles to choose from each contemporary door sash features discreet mechanical fixings to prevent distortion in hot and cold climates, and subtle micro-adjustment devices in the head and base of the door. Other features include triple glazing with laminated safety glass, Satin with or without clear lines. Standard solid colours Matt or Textured: Anthracite Grey, Jet Black, Signal White, Windows Grey, Light Grey, Purple Red or Light Ivory. RAL, wood effect and textured finishes.
  • Spitfire S-500 Over 400 customisable designs and a huge choice of internal and external handles, RAL colours, Textures, Wood Effects, Wave, Grooved, Carbon-Fibre, Sparkle Paint, Corten, Glass, Concrete and many other luxury effects to choose from.
  • Spitfire S-700 Pivot Pivot doors are wider and taller by design. Their sheer scale allows you to be creative when designing an entrance to your property. The inherent strength of the pivot door frame combined with our clever pivot mechanism means that a Spitfire pivot door is capable of carrying heavy external finishes like ceramic, laminated glass or wood, with ease. Some unique features include 3mm thick aluminium door frame, door accessories such as luxury stainless steel pull bar handles, fingerprint readers and even small LED's down the back of the door sash on some models.