Secondary Glazing


Our secondary windows and doors have all been designed to be strong, reliable, long-lasting and, especially, very discreet and unobtrusive when installed. The process involves fitting a discreet internal window in addition to your existing, single, double and triple glazed window. This provides a cost effective and efficient way to insulate and soundproof your windows, and is the preferred method for use within Listed Buildings and conservation areas.

Product Features

  • Sound Insulation When soundproofing is paramount, we recommend using a different glass thickness in your secondary glazing than that of your existing windows.
  • Thermal Insulation For maximum thermal performance we specify “low E” glass, which has a special heat reflecting coating to help keep heat within the room.
  • Reduce Noise to a Whisper Do you live on a noisy road? Reports indicate that a passing diesel bus often creates 85dB of noise. Correctly installed secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by 54dB; a reduction of 54dB will reduce the noise to 31dB which is the equivalent to a whisper.
  • Face or Reveal Fix Made from durable aluminium, frames are slim, unobtrusive, and require little maintenance.