Resurgence Flush Casement


A new system offering an authentic timber-replica design with features like mechanical jointing, the Resurgence flush sash window looks the part without the extra maintenance required by a traditional timber flush sash window. blends the clean lines and elegance of a pre-1932 timber window with modern thermal efficiency.

Product Features

  • Authentic appearance An eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design.
  • A+ Energy Ratings Due to their smart design, our Resurgence windows deliver an A+ rated energy performance. This means that they are highly thermally efficient, keeping heat safely trapped inside the home.
  • Maintenance Free Our Resurgence windows are designed to look like traditional timber frames, without any of the demanding upkeep. They don’t need painting, sanding or varnishing.
  • Weatherproofing Our patented bubble gaskets work to make Resurgence windows one of the most weatherproof on the market. They create a continuous seal around the frame, preventing draughts or water ingress.
  • Robust frame The robust uPVC frame of the Resurgence window profile are strong and sturdy. This allows the uPVC windows to stand the test of time, letting you enjoy your new flush sash windows for many years to come


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    Energy Efficiency