Tiled Roof


A Warmer Roof will transform your home, providing you with all year round living space.

Is your conservatory too hot in the summer months but freezing cold in the winter? This is the problem many homes are faced with, meaning they can only use their conservatory through certain months of the year or are faced with extortionate heating bills trying to keep their conservatory at a comfortable temperature. A Warmer Roof solves this problem with it’s premium honeycomb insulation offering exceptional thermal performance. The Warmer Roof is made up from a timber framework section, either shaped or rectangular, which forms a structural link between both the eaves and ridge.

Some other benefits include,

  • Eliminates exterior noise
  • Eliminates sun glare

  • Adds value to your home

  • Temperature control

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  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

  • Security


  • Weatherproofing