Have you been feeling like you’ve outgrown your home and need more space but entering the housing market a scary thought, why not invest in a single-story extension?

Single-story extensions are in great demand, and it's easy to see why! They provide an opportunity to add valuable extra living space while simultaneously enhancing the internal layout of your home and improving the natural light flow. Moreover, many cases allow for such extensions to be undertaken within the confines of Permitted Development.

Here at Swadlincote Windows we can offer a traditional, building regs approved, single story extension. Creating more space for various purposes such as a larger kitchen, dining area, living room, or additional bedrooms. This can improve your overall quality of life and make your home more functional. Some other benefits include

  • Improved property value
  • Fully customisable design
  • Improved natural light and views:

We also offer the revolutionary Hup! System, which is a new way to extend your home and create beautiful, bright living spaces quickly, with minimal disruption to your home and life.

Some benefits of the Hup! System include

  • Ultimate design flexibility
  • Five times faster to build
  • High quality finish

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