UPVC Stable Doors


For a classic and charming alternative to a standard rear entrance to your property, our residential door profiles are also available in the elegant stable door-style. Made from two individual sashes securely coupled together, the door can operate as a normal residential door, with the two openings functioning in tandem. A simple turn of a handle disengages the coupling, allowing the top sash to operate independently of the bottom one. Upgrading the top sash to include the additional tilt facility provides ultimate flexibility in door operation.

The door can be a traditional split stable door or a full open door with a top opening vent.

Product Features

  • Maximum security Our Stable Doors are supplied with maximum security locking systems as standard.
  • Drip bars which prevent water ingress, are factory fitted and supplied as standard.
  • Ventilation Stable doors allow you to open the top section of the door in a similar way to how you would open a casement window. This means that you can ventilate your home by just opening the top half of the door

Product Highlights

  • A range of Foiled Colours to suit any style and home
  • Our hardware comes in a range of colours to suit any style
  • A choice of internal Georgian bar, external Georgian bar, square or diamond lead, transoms & stain work
  • We offer a wide range of glass options for any situation, toughened, laminated, Option for noise reduction and many more
  • A-Rated units